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About Marie

 Marie faced her own adversity 10 years ago as a cancer survivor and was given little hope of survival and no cure. She discovered that by using creative visualization and setting intentions that she was able to overcome what others said was impossible. She turned what others said was impossible into the possible. “Our thoughts create our reality” We are what we think. Marie created vivid pictures in her mind of a healthier version of herself. This became a ritual, a habit, a way of life. Marie adopted and continued to use her Mind Art Visualization techniques into her everyday life. She overcame her adversity and has spent the last 10 years creating what she calls miracles in her life by resetting her mindset. Offcourse it takes action however it all starts from a thought, a picture in your mind. You literally became the artist of your own mind and start creating Mind Art!

It all starts with a choice. You can either accept what you have and where you are right now or you choose to do something different. Marie dares people to be brave, to face and overcome the fears and beliefs that have been holding them back from achieving whatever it is they want.

“What is it that you have always wanted to do however you have found yourself making excuses and now you find years have gone by and you are still no closer to achieving your dream?  Don’t waste your life wishing and dreaming. We only get one life so make sure you are creating your best life!

x Marie

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