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EP #179 Being Divinely Lead with Marie Chronopoulos

‘I had the book ‘The Secret’ and that’s where my journey started, and I had this deep knowing. Once I went within, I just knew that I was being divinely lead. I had to trust and believe in myself, if that makes sense. When things came my way, I just put it out there. I wanted to heal myself, so for me, ok I will learn meditation. I was having conversations with people that I would not normally have, and those conversations were very empowering conversations. I would always have something to take away from it. So, I had to go away and learn those tools and since then, I mean I had to literally do a crash course because remembering I was given 12 months to live.’


- Marie Chronopoulous


The Self Love Podcast is a show that cracks open your heart and inspires a deeper regard for your own wellbeing and happiness. Expert interviews, ‘how-to’ quickies and deep dive conversations into the heart of our souls, unravelling the mystery, struggles and joys of simply being human.

An an entrepreneur, speaker and mum, and someone who really believes that love is the answer for all things, Kim draws on her personal experiences, interviews and research to create a space where we can listen in, and connect, care, grow, evolve… and never ever feel alone.

We are told constantly that to be our best, or to truly love another, we must first love ourselves. The problem is there is no rule book or pathway that shows us exactly how to do it, especially where we are in the throes of massive challenge or pain.

Whilst we may not want them or indeed ask for them, there are no doubts that these challenges and pains are a large part of the human experience, no one escapes them.

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